WIP – Stash Can V2.0 with programmable combination lock

What seemed impossibly complicated to me even a few weeks ago is now very close to reality. I expect to finish my Stash Can version 2.0 in the next week or so and it builds on the original version by adding a programmable-code combination lock to the bottom of the can.

2024-04-12 Update: This is now complete but I need to document it and I am super busy right now. As soon as I have time I will document it and get it posted.

I have faced a lot of challenges on this project not the least of which was learning how to make a combination lock. But also making it compact enough to sit in the bottom of the can, allowing the lock combination code to be changed by the user and ensuring the device was not (easily) crackable were all top of my priorities.

I already have a working prototype but I am still fine-tuning some of the lock tolerances, springs and useability to ensure the reliability of the lock itself. I am super proud of this design… it was ambitious for me and now I feel it sets a new standard for my own design expectations.

For sure I will have to do more with this design once the initial Stash Can 2.0 is complete.


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