I love to design things and make them. I have a pretty good setup with a fully equipped workshop with all the basic tools. And, some fun things like a laser CNC, vinyl cutter, metal lathe, and of course 3D printers. In today’s world making is more gratifying than ever given the state of 3D printing. I started 3D printing about 4 years ago with a JG Aurora A3S and then added an A5S. I also bought a resin printer but have subsequently stopped using that. Recently (late 2022) I built my first Voron r2.4 350 and now have 6 of them in my basement. They are awesome. For more about my printer setup click here. And, if you are wondering why I have so many printers click here. …And, if you are thinking about building a Voron r2.4 and what to benefit from what I learned building 6 Vorons click here.

I have switched from Autocad to Shapr3D which I can not say enough good things about. Super intuitive and easy to use but best of all it transitions from iPad to MacBook seamlessly at all times. So I can design, edit, review anytime any where.

My goal is to continue developing my design and printing skills until I can make truly impressive and complex products that can make a meaningful contribution to the quality of life for those who use them. Most of what I design is QoL stuff but in a small way. Whether it is organization, storage or convenience I am always looking for things to make our lives better and easier.

And, as I have so shamelessly promoted in my blog posts, I have started an Amazon USA Store (Amazon Canada) to test out the viability of designing, making and selling printed products. A very interesting learning process and journey. So far so good but I will need to see after a bit more time if it is working.