Category: Dogs

  • Make-A-Bowl


    I love my dogs and nothing could be better than making a product that is good for them and makes taking care of them easier. Make-A-Bowl™ is a super compact and durable, foldable bowl frame which uses a poop bag to create a bowl. It is super convenient to keep with you on a walk,…

  • Dog Ball Holder

    Dog Ball Holder

    Designed to help me hold on to my dog’s ball when out for a walk. I imagine it would work well with tennis balls as well but I have not tried it.

  • Dog Bone Cookie Cutter with Press

    Dog Bone Cookie Cutter with Press

    This is similar to other dog bone cookie cutters out there except I wanted a press to push the cookie “dough” down with. I made a press with my dog’s name on it “Bob” which I have uploaded in case there is someone else with a dog named Bob looking for one. Otherwise, I have…