Category: Fun

  • StashCan V2.0

    StashCan V2.0

    What seemed impossibly ambitious to me when I started this project has become a reality. A programmable combination lock, hidden in the bottom of a faux soda can, with a sequential puzzle lid that can only be opened when first the correct code is entered into the combination lock. I give you… my “StashCan 2.0”.

  • S-Chain


    I kind of stumbled across this little gem… an S-shaped chain link printed very small makes a fantastic chain for anything ornamental or even 3D-printed jewelry. Check this out…

  • Coffee Mug Lazy Susan

    Coffee Mug Lazy Susan

    You know… so if the handle on your coffee mug is on the wrong side you can just spin it around to grab a hold of it. Ok, maybe you will not need it for that but it is still kind of fun. A mini turntable mechanism for displaying things or just as a fidget…

  • 380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    One of my key design strategies is breaking everything down into small design challenges and in doing so even the biggest project becomes tackleable. When I first created my Lazy Susan mechanisms I wanted one bigger than my print bed allowed but that seemed too challenging so I ended up settling for 330mm diameter on…

  • Modular (Box) Chain System

    Modular (Box) Chain System

    A modular chain system with medium strength seemed like a good idea when I started it. But I am not sure what to do with it. So for now it is in the fun and curious category of things to print. I hope to one day find a purpose for it. I have designed a…

  • Lazy Susan 2.0

    Lazy Susan 2.0

    Okay, this is better, I have to admit. When I created the first Lazy Susan mechanisms (previously posted here) I was pretty pleased with myself. And, to be clear they are designed for low speed and work very well. But I have received a few comments about using conical bearings and I could not resist…

  • Secret “Stash-Can” Safe

    Secret “Stash-Can” Safe

    I remember as a child I always loved secret hiding places for things. I am not sure if that is normal or not and what it says about me but… I still love secret hiding spaces. And, to that end, I have designed a soda can (think cola or beer can) that is a secret…

  • Phone Multi Widget

    Phone Multi Widget

    This is (another) one of those projects that has been more than a year in the works. It started as something quite different but in essence, it was intended to be a pocket-size tool to hold a phone for watching videos in a multitude of situations. And, now I am finally happy enough with it…

  • Giant Spider

    Giant Spider

    We are doing a kind of “spider” based Halloween theme decoration this year and so I was looking for large spiders to print to put on the front lawn. I found a few decent ones but none that were huge or had articulated legs. Maybe they are out there but I didn’t find them. So……