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  • Large Mouth Flask

    Large Mouth Flask

    I wanted to create a water bottle that a) holds a decent volume of water (0.5l) and b) fits into a specific location that is convenient for me when walking my dogs (needed to be flat’ish). And, this is what I came up with – essentially a large flask. But what I learned is even…

  • T8 Fixture Mount

    T8 Fixture Mount

    I had a T8 LED “shop lamp” fixture lying around and at the same time I can never get enough light, so I thought I should whip up a mount for the fixture. This one works excellently. This is for the T8 fixtures that are often referred to as shop lamps. Those ones are mounted…

  • Hex Bit Tray

    Hex Bit Tray

    Stores up to 240 hex bits. Load it up!