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  • Drink Charms

    Drink Charms

    Everyone (or at least most people) knows about wine charms but these are “drink charms” for all beverages… Many years ago I designed a series of wine charms that worked out really well but recently I recognized the need for charms for water glasses, cocktails, beer bottles and more. And, here is my solution… interchangeable…

  • BevvySteady Wine Holster

    BevvySteady Wine Holster

    I am pretty sure this is a first… a fully gimballed wine glass holster. It is not quite as good as my BevvySteady3 for beers because the wine in a wine glass is inherently less stable but it works!! And, if you or someone you know loves to enjoy a glass of wine while barbecuing…

  • Skeleton Style Utility Knife

    Skeleton Style Utility Knife

    I like knives, a lot and as a result, I have accumulated a lot of them. As part of that, I have also accumulated a lot of utility blades and I seem to never have the knife handles around for the blades. The few commercially made handles I have tend to frustrate me because they…

  • WallPlate Replacements

    WallPlate Replacements

    I created the entire range of standard North American style wall plates as part of my WallPlateMate accessory system so I thought I might as well post the generic plates in case someone wants to print a replacement or wants to change the colour of their wall plates.  These are all for North American style…

  • Stick-on FlexPlate

    Stick-on FlexPlate

    This is an extension of my wallplatemate system. See for more product information. I have created a stick-on version of the WallMatePlate FlexPlate (p/n FP1) which is an alternative to the original screw-on version (p/n FP0). This new stick-on version is designed to use 19mm (0.75″) wide double-sided adhesive to attach the FlexPlate to…

  • WallPlateMate™


    See for more product information. So this is a big one for me… It has evolved out of a few simple ideas and has become a lot of different parts that all work together to make my life better. And, I hope it will for you too. I originally started out trying to create…

  • Kallax Drawer Trays

    Kallax Drawer Trays

    This is a sliding tray that rides on the Ikea Kallax drawer walls and is also convertible into an organizer sitting inside the Kallax drawer. But the main point of it is that this 275mm tray is printable on a 200mm bed.

  • 380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    One of my key design strategies is breaking everything down into small design challenges and in doing so even the biggest project becomes tackleable. When I first created my Lazy Susan mechanisms I wanted one bigger than my print bed allowed but that seemed too challenging so I ended up settling for 330mm diameter on…

  • Lazy Susan 2.0

    Lazy Susan 2.0

    Okay, this is better, I have to admit. When I created the first Lazy Susan mechanisms (previously posted here) I was pretty pleased with myself. And, to be clear they are designed for low speed and work very well. But I have received a few comments about using conical bearings and I could not resist…

  • Large Mouth Flask

    Large Mouth Flask

    I wanted to create a water bottle that a) holds a decent volume of water (0.5l) and b) fits into a specific location that is convenient for me when walking my dogs (needed to be flat’ish). And, this is what I came up with – essentially a large flask. But what I learned is even…

  • Kanger™


    I mean… who does not need more desk space? Ok, I know, tidy people. I hope to be one when I grow up. But for now, the Kanger™ has become one of my best friends.

  • Pocket Pill Popper

    Pocket Pill Popper

    I recently developed tendonitis in my forearm and to cope with it I needed to take ibuprofen regularly. I needed to keep a few pills with me throughout the day and I wanted to keep them in my pocket but not loose. My solution is this snap-together pill box. Small, compact, and works super well.

  • T8 Fixture Mount

    T8 Fixture Mount

    I had a T8 LED “shop lamp” fixture lying around and at the same time I can never get enough light, so I thought I should whip up a mount for the fixture. This one works excellently. This is for the T8 fixtures that are often referred to as shop lamps. Those ones are mounted…

  • Modular Remote Control Holders

    Modular Remote Control Holders

    These holders slide together into endless configurations for all your various remote controls. They can also be used for other similar-sized objects like eyeglasses for example.

  • Broom Handle

    Broom Handle

    Replacement for the Swiffer Vacuum sweeper handle. The original handle seemed very weak and snapped after some use. This one provides better leverage and reduces the risk of breaking.