Category: Kitchen

  • Pop Open Sink Strainer

    Pop Open Sink Strainer

    Someone asked me if I could design this and as soon as I did, I fell in love with it!  Like many other people, I always hated banging the sink strainer into the waste bin but just accepted it.  So when I got this one working I instantly wondered why did we not have this…

  • Drink Charms

    Drink Charms

    Everyone (or at least most people) knows about wine charms but these are “drink charms” for all beverages… Many years ago I designed a series of wine charms that worked out really well but recently I recognized the need for charms for water glasses, cocktails, beer bottles and more. And, here is my solution… interchangeable…

  • RagTag2


    The RagTag is a small hook on your waste attachment to allows you to keep a rag or towel with you. Originally intended for cooks and barbecuers, it might have countless other applications as well. I have been selling the RagTag on Amazon for some time now and slowly finding an audience for it. But…

  • Coffee Mug Lazy Susan

    Coffee Mug Lazy Susan

    You know… so if the handle on your coffee mug is on the wrong side you can just spin it around to grab a hold of it. Ok, maybe you will not need it for that but it is still kind of fun. A mini turntable mechanism for displaying things or just as a fidget…

  • Large Mouth Flask

    Large Mouth Flask

    I wanted to create a water bottle that a) holds a decent volume of water (0.5l) and b) fits into a specific location that is convenient for me when walking my dogs (needed to be flat’ish). And, this is what I came up with – essentially a large flask. But what I learned is even…

  • BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    This one makes me happy… not just because I can keep a beer handy but because I have been trying to perfect this concept for a long time. My original design (here) was ok for me at the time but not ok for me now. This design is infinitely superior and complex. Three axes of…

  • Lazy Susan

    Lazy Susan

    2023-02-25 Update: I have created version 2.0 of these which use conical bearings and consequently runs much smoother and more freely. Although they are in different sizes I recommend these newer versions as opposed to the older ones described here. The new versions are linked here. Lazy Susan Mechanism 2.0 (Conical Bearings) Original Posting: I…

  • Freezer Crates

    Freezer Crates

    I know it may not be a concern for everyone but if you need to organize a freezer it can be difficult to find containers that are suitable. Firstly, they need to be the right size. And secondly, they need to let air flow in and around them. I hunted high and low and then…

  • Sight Glass Marker

    Sight Glass Marker

    If you have a sight glass on a hot liquor tank or other tank and want to be able to set level markers this is the part for you. I made one that you can slide up and down or reposition to set a starting or ending level, as well as a graduated marker that…

  • Salt and Pepper Caddy

    Salt and Pepper Caddy

    Not too much to say about this product. Simply design, simple to print. I designed it for my favourite grinders so hopefully yours are the same size or smaller. To make it easier getting everything out to my barbecue. The adjustable OXO grinders are fantastic. A standard 6oz Watson sauce bottle fits but loosely.

  • Wine Glass Markers

    Wine Glass Markers

    Keep track of who’s wine is who’s wine! Small, medium and large. Print as many colours as you like!

  • Bread Slicing

    Bread Slicing

    This is a knife guide for cutting bread. It folds neatly for storage. The base extends out to support the portion of the loaf that is not in the cutting zone. An end wall flips up to position the loaf for cutting. No hardware or fasteners are required. It simply snaps together and works!

  • Dog Bone Cookie Cutter with Press

    Dog Bone Cookie Cutter with Press

    This is similar to other dog bone cookie cutters out there except I wanted a press to push the cookie “dough” down with. I made a press with my dog’s name on it “Bob” which I have uploaded in case there is someone else with a dog named Bob looking for one. Otherwise, I have…