Category: Organization

  • Tool Blocks

    Tool Blocks

    I always seem to have more tools than places to put them and those pesky hand tools that do not store well in a drawer are the most problematic. So I decided I needed to come up with a tool storage system aimed mostly at those hand tools like pliers, diagonal cutters, strippers, crimpers, etcetera.…

  • WallPlateMate™


    See for more product information. So this is a big one for me… It has evolved out of a few simple ideas and has become a lot of different parts that all work together to make my life better. And, I hope it will for you too. I originally started out trying to create…

  • Make-Up Sponge Holder Set

    Make-Up Sponge Holder Set

    My wife uses these small sponges for washing off her make-up (I think), and needed a way to hold them (both wet and dry). They come compressed in packs of 50 pieces or so and those dry ones need to be kept away from the wet one that is in use. And, when not in…

  • Kallax Drawer Trays

    Kallax Drawer Trays

    This is a sliding tray that rides on the Ikea Kallax drawer walls and is also convertible into an organizer sitting inside the Kallax drawer. But the main point of it is that this 275mm tray is printable on a 200mm bed.

  • 380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    One of my key design strategies is breaking everything down into small design challenges and in doing so even the biggest project becomes tackleable. When I first created my Lazy Susan mechanisms I wanted one bigger than my print bed allowed but that seemed too challenging so I ended up settling for 330mm diameter on…

  • 20xxx Series Cases

    20xxx Series Cases

    Similar to my 1060 series cases, these cases are modular and many of the parts are interchangeable. All components are printed (no screws, pins or other hardware needed). The parts snap together and make a fairly durable case of random things.

  • 1060 Series Cases

    1060 Series Cases

    I wanted to design a small case to store clean disposable face masks and ended up making a series of cases. The smallest one is fun for your pocket or on a key chain. The middle size is suitable for holding credit card-sized items. The cases print really well and snap together easily. All the…

  • Modular Remote Control Holders

    Modular Remote Control Holders

    These holders slide together into endless configurations for all your various remote controls. They can also be used for other similar-sized objects like eyeglasses for example.

  • Salt and Pepper Caddy

    Salt and Pepper Caddy

    Not too much to say about this product. Simply design, simple to print. I designed it for my favourite grinders so hopefully yours are the same size or smaller. To make it easier getting everything out to my barbecue. The adjustable OXO grinders are fantastic. A standard 6oz Watson sauce bottle fits but loosely.

  • Tweezer Tower

    Tweezer Tower

    The lipstick holder I made a few weeks back was such a big hit with my wife she asked for a tweezer holder. She has more small tweezers, scissors and other instruments than seem reasonable and the holder is needed.

  • Lipstick Tray

    Lipstick Tray

    My wife had a tray full of lipsticks and asked me if I could help organize it for her. I never miss an opportunity to print something for her as it seems to make the fact that I have a printer running nearly 24/7 more acceptable to her when I make things for her.

  • Split Ring for Keys

    Split Ring for Keys

    I designed this just for fun but they work quite well also. I was interested in seeing how to print two components together without them bonding. I used a 0.2mm print layer and a 0.2mm gap between the two rings. They stick together but don’t fuse together and can be pried apart quite easily. Nozzle…

  • A3S Cable Chains

    A3S Cable Chains

    I designed this from the ground up as a learning exercise as much as anything else. And, honestly just because it seemed like a fun project. I had no cable chain experience before making this so I am not sure exactly how the chain is supposed to behave but I think this one works pretty…

  • Ethernet Cable Strain Relief

    Ethernet Cable Strain Relief

    This clamping strain relief holds ethernet cables in position behind a rack, NVR, hub or modem. It can sometimes be important to put the cables back to the same positions when reconnecting and this clamping strain relief helps to achieve that. It holds each cable in position while at the same time providing strain relief…