Category: Replacement

  • BevvySteady Wine Holster

    BevvySteady Wine Holster

    I am pretty sure this is a first… a fully gimballed wine glass holster. It is not quite as good as my BevvySteady3 for beers because the wine in a wine glass is inherently less stable but it works!! And, if you or someone you know loves to enjoy a glass of wine while barbecuing…

  • Skeleton Style Utility Knife

    Skeleton Style Utility Knife

    I like knives, a lot and as a result, I have accumulated a lot of them. As part of that, I have also accumulated a lot of utility blades and I seem to never have the knife handles around for the blades. The few commercially made handles I have tend to frustrate me because they…

  • WallPlate Replacements

    WallPlate Replacements

    I created the entire range of standard North American style wall plates as part of my WallPlateMate accessory system so I thought I might as well post the generic plates in case someone wants to print a replacement or wants to change the colour of their wall plates.  These are all for North American style…

  • Stick-on FlexPlate

    Stick-on FlexPlate

    This is an extension of my wallplatemate system. See for more product information. I have created a stick-on version of the WallMatePlate FlexPlate (p/n FP1) which is an alternative to the original screw-on version (p/n FP0). This new stick-on version is designed to use 19mm (0.75″) wide double-sided adhesive to attach the FlexPlate to…

  • Re-useable Print Spool

    Re-useable Print Spool

    I am thrilled that many of the filaments I like to use are now on recyclable cardboard spools but unfortunately, not all are. So I wanted a re-useable spool that was easy to use and had some features that were important to me. This is what I came up with.

  • Broom Handle

    Broom Handle

    Replacement for the Swiffer Vacuum sweeper handle. The original handle seemed very weak and snapped after some use. This one provides better leverage and reduces the risk of breaking.