Category: Tools

  • Tool Blocks

    Tool Blocks

    I always seem to have more tools than places to put them and those pesky hand tools that do not store well in a drawer are the most problematic. So I decided I needed to come up with a tool storage system aimed mostly at those hand tools like pliers, diagonal cutters, strippers, crimpers, etcetera.…

  • Print-in-Place Folding Scalpel

    Print-in-Place Folding Scalpel

    I know, there are lots of scalpel designs out there and plenty of folding scalpels too. But I could not find many (if any) folding, print in place and no hardware required quite like this…

  • LPE25 Variable Flow Valve

    LPE25 Variable Flow Valve

    When I created the modular LPE25 Quick Connect Exhaust System I always thought I would make a blast gate for it at some point but was lacking inspiration. Then someone asked me for a variable flow valve and I thought… that would be so much better for this application. So here it is…

  • Multi-Axis Calipers

    Multi-Axis Calipers

    I needed to measure the widths of an object that is greater in radius than the length of my caliper arms. So that was the first problem. But also the object I wanted to measure is irregular (like a wine glass) and therefore I wanted to know the width of the object over a range…

  • First Layer Squish Tool

    First Layer Squish Tool

    I always prefer things to be more definitive than subjective. To that end, setting the Z-offset and getting the first layer squish just right has always seemed a little frustrating. That is until I designed this First Layer Squish Tool. Print it and you can see what is the smallest slot you can achieve with…

  • Hex Bit Tray

    Hex Bit Tray

    Stores up to 240 hex bits. Load it up!