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  • Multi-Axis Calipers

    Multi-Axis Calipers

    I needed to measure the widths of an object that is greater in radius than the length of my caliper arms. So that was the first problem. But also the object I wanted to measure is irregular (like a wine glass) and therefore I wanted to know the width of the object over a range…

  • Kanger™


    I mean… who does not need more desk space? Ok, I know, tidy people. I hope to be one when I grow up. But for now, the Kanger™ has become one of my best friends.

  • Reboot!!

    I placed this post in here as a time marker… A few months ago my service provider had a hardware failure and well… my backups were not so much.

  • Sight Glass Marker

    Sight Glass Marker

    If you have a sight glass on a hot liquor tank or other tank and want to be able to set level markers this is the part for you. I made one that you can slide up and down or reposition to set a starting or ending level, as well as a graduated marker that…