• Giant Crib Board

    Giant Crib Board

    This crib board is about double the size of a conventional crib board and designed for ease of use having larger pegs and tapered peg holes. I thought it would be nice to have a bigger board with bigger pegs to play on when space permits.

  • BevvyShade Drink Shade

    BevvyShade Drink Shade

    I was sitting on my patio the other day, drinking a warm beer in the sun and thought, I need a drink shade. Here it is…

  • Sight Glass Marker

    Sight Glass Marker

    If you have a sight glass on a hot liquor tank or other tank and want to be able to set level markers this is the part for you. I made one that you can slide up and down or reposition to set a starting or ending level, as well as a graduated marker that…

  • Dog Ball Holder

    Dog Ball Holder

    Designed to help me hold on to my dog’s ball when out for a walk. I imagine it would work well with tennis balls as well but I have not tried it.

  • Modular Remote Control Holders

    Modular Remote Control Holders

    These holders slide together into endless configurations for all your various remote controls. They can also be used for other similar-sized objects like eyeglasses for example.

  • Broom Handle

    Broom Handle

    Replacement for the Swiffer Vacuum sweeper handle. The original handle seemed very weak and snapped after some use. This one provides better leverage and reduces the risk of breaking.

  • Salt and Pepper Caddy

    Salt and Pepper Caddy

    Not too much to say about this product. Simply design, simple to print. I designed it for my favourite grinders so hopefully yours are the same size or smaller. To make it easier getting everything out to my barbecue. The adjustable OXO grinders are fantastic. A standard 6oz Watson sauce bottle fits but loosely.

  • Wine Glass Markers

    Wine Glass Markers

    Keep track of who’s wine is who’s wine! Small, medium and large. Print as many colours as you like!

  • Bread Slicing

    Bread Slicing

    This is a knife guide for cutting bread. It folds neatly for storage. The base extends out to support the portion of the loaf that is not in the cutting zone. An end wall flips up to position the loaf for cutting. No hardware or fasteners are required. It simply snaps together and works!

  • Beer Tap Tower

    Beer Tap Tower

    One of my hobbies during COVID-19 was making beer (and cider) which turned out to be a great hobby! And, I decided I needed to have it all on tap in my backyard. So I designed and printed a kegerator! Ok, not a whole kegerator but a tap head! ok, not an entire tap head…

  • Quick Release Fan Duct For JG Aurora A5S)

    Quick Release Fan Duct For JG Aurora A5S)

    This is one of those projects that I spent a ridiculous amount of time on and in the end really never finished it. The idea is fantastic though… snap on and off fan ducts for the hotted on a JG Aurora A3S or A5S. Not only does it make replacement quick and easy, but the…

  • Tweezer Tower

    Tweezer Tower

    The lipstick holder I made a few weeks back was such a big hit with my wife she asked for a tweezer holder. She has more small tweezers, scissors and other instruments than seem reasonable and the holder is needed.

  • Lipstick Tray

    Lipstick Tray

    My wife had a tray full of lipsticks and asked me if I could help organize it for her. I never miss an opportunity to print something for her as it seems to make the fact that I have a printer running nearly 24/7 more acceptable to her when I make things for her.

  • Beer Holder

    Beer Holder

    2024-02-15 Update: Don’t print this, it sucks! I have made a way better one posted here… BevvySteady3 Don’t lose your beer or canned drink while barbecuing or anything else.

  • Dog Bone Cookie Cutter with Press

    Dog Bone Cookie Cutter with Press

    This is similar to other dog bone cookie cutters out there except I wanted a press to push the cookie “dough” down with. I made a press with my dog’s name on it “Bob” which I have uploaded in case there is someone else with a dog named Bob looking for one. Otherwise, I have…

  • Split Ring for Keys

    Split Ring for Keys

    I designed this just for fun but they work quite well also. I was interested in seeing how to print two components together without them bonding. I used a 0.2mm print layer and a 0.2mm gap between the two rings. They stick together but don’t fuse together and can be pried apart quite easily. Nozzle…

  • A3S Cable Chains

    A3S Cable Chains

    I designed this from the ground up as a learning exercise as much as anything else. And, honestly just because it seemed like a fun project. I had no cable chain experience before making this so I am not sure exactly how the chain is supposed to behave but I think this one works pretty…

  • Ethernet Cable Strain Relief

    Ethernet Cable Strain Relief

    This clamping strain relief holds ethernet cables in position behind a rack, NVR, hub or modem. It can sometimes be important to put the cables back to the same positions when reconnecting and this clamping strain relief helps to achieve that. It holds each cable in position while at the same time providing strain relief…