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  • Drink Charms

    Drink Charms

    Everyone (or at least most people) knows about wine charms but these are “drink charms” for all beverages… Many years ago I designed a series of wine charms that worked out really well but recently I recognized the need for charms for water glasses, cocktails, beer bottles and more. And, here is my solution… interchangeable…

  • BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    This one makes me happy… not just because I can keep a beer handy but because I have been trying to perfect this concept for a long time. My original design (here) was ok for me at the time but not ok for me now. This design is infinitely superior and complex. Three axes of…

  • Sight Glass Marker

    Sight Glass Marker

    If you have a sight glass on a hot liquor tank or other tank and want to be able to set level markers this is the part for you. I made one that you can slide up and down or reposition to set a starting or ending level, as well as a graduated marker that…

  • Beer Tap Tower

    Beer Tap Tower

    One of my hobbies during COVID-19 was making beer (and cider) which turned out to be a great hobby! And, I decided I needed to have it all on tap in my backyard. So I designed and printed a kegerator! Ok, not a whole kegerator but a tap head! ok, not an entire tap head…

  • Beer Holder

    Beer Holder

    2024-02-15 Update: Don’t print this, it sucks! I have made a way better one posted here… BevvySteady3 Don’t lose your beer or canned drink while barbecuing or anything else.