Tag: Snap Together

  • Pen Tower Silent Spinning Fidget

    Pen Tower Silent Spinning Fidget

    I was working on a new version of the Tweezer Tower for my wife and as I created a new spinning base I could not resist the temptation to divert to something fun for me… the spinning Pen Holder (Tower) Fidget. It is nice to play with while concentrating at my desk. And, it keeps…

  • RagTag2


    The RagTag is a small hook on your waste attachment to allows you to keep a rag or towel with you. Originally intended for cooks and barbecuers, it might have countless other applications as well. I have been selling the RagTag on Amazon for some time now and slowly finding an audience for it. But…

  • LPE25 Variable Flow Valve

    LPE25 Variable Flow Valve

    When I created the modular LPE25 Quick Connect Exhaust System I always thought I would make a blast gate for it at some point but was lacking inspiration. Then someone asked me for a variable flow valve and I thought… that would be so much better for this application. So here it is…

  • BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    This one makes me happy… not just because I can keep a beer handy but because I have been trying to perfect this concept for a long time. My original design (here) was ok for me at the time but not ok for me now. This design is infinitely superior and complex. Three axes of…

  • Re-useable Print Spool

    Re-useable Print Spool

    I am thrilled that many of the filaments I like to use are now on recyclable cardboard spools but unfortunately, not all are. So I wanted a re-useable spool that was easy to use and had some features that were important to me. This is what I came up with.

  • 20xxx Series Cases

    20xxx Series Cases

    Similar to my 1060 series cases, these cases are modular and many of the parts are interchangeable. All components are printed (no screws, pins or other hardware needed). The parts snap together and make a fairly durable case of random things.

  • 1060 Series Cases

    1060 Series Cases

    I wanted to design a small case to store clean disposable face masks and ended up making a series of cases. The smallest one is fun for your pocket or on a key chain. The middle size is suitable for holding credit card-sized items. The cases print really well and snap together easily. All the…

  • Modular Remote Control Holders

    Modular Remote Control Holders

    These holders slide together into endless configurations for all your various remote controls. They can also be used for other similar-sized objects like eyeglasses for example.

  • Broom Handle

    Broom Handle

    Replacement for the Swiffer Vacuum sweeper handle. The original handle seemed very weak and snapped after some use. This one provides better leverage and reduces the risk of breaking.