Category: IT

  • LPE25 Quick Connect Exhaust

    LPE25 Quick Connect Exhaust

    This is a quick-connect/disconnect system for a 2.5-inch vacuum/exhaust hose that includes a mounting facility so you can keep it organized. I developed this to vent out my printers and it has worked out so well that I thought I better share it…

  • Kanger™


    I mean… who does not need more desk space? Ok, I know, tidy people. I hope to be one when I grow up. But for now, the Kanger™ has become one of my best friends.

  • Phone Multi Widget

    Phone Multi Widget

    This is (another) one of those projects that has been more than a year in the works. It started as something quite different but in essence, it was intended to be a pocket-size tool to hold a phone for watching videos in a multitude of situations. And, now I am finally happy enough with it…

  • Universal Phone Holder / Body Camera Mount

    Universal Phone Holder / Body Camera Mount

    This phone holder has a sliding/locking top that can adjust to many phone sizes. I started this as a holder to allow me to use an old iPhone as a body camera. In other words to hold the phone horizontally, forward-facing and clip-on. In the end, it is not excellent for that purpose but it…

  • A3S Cable Chains

    A3S Cable Chains

    I designed this from the ground up as a learning exercise as much as anything else. And, honestly just because it seemed like a fun project. I had no cable chain experience before making this so I am not sure exactly how the chain is supposed to behave but I think this one works pretty…

  • Ethernet Cable Strain Relief

    Ethernet Cable Strain Relief

    This clamping strain relief holds ethernet cables in position behind a rack, NVR, hub or modem. It can sometimes be important to put the cables back to the same positions when reconnecting and this clamping strain relief helps to achieve that. It holds each cable in position while at the same time providing strain relief…