• Compliant Clip-on Dog/Tennis Ball Holder

    Compliant Clip-on Dog/Tennis Ball Holder

    The STLs for this design are free to download on thangs.com from July 19 to July 25. Three years ago I designed the first generation of this dog ball holder (fits a standard tennis ball too) and I felt it was time to revisit it based on the progress I have made in my designs.…

  • Pop Open Sink Strainer

    Pop Open Sink Strainer

    Someone asked me if I could design this and as soon as I did, I fell in love with it!  Like many other people, I always hated banging the sink strainer into the waste bin but just accepted it.  So when I got this one working I instantly wondered why did we not have this…

  • Tweezer Tower 2.0

    Tweezer Tower 2.0

    I made a tweezer holder (aka Tweezer Tower) for my wife a few years ago and she loves it but it always bothered me that it was not more than it was. Well, I finally revisited it and here it is…

  • Backup TP Holder

    Backup TP Holder

    Free to download on thangs.com from July 5 to July 11, 2024 Another design made at my wife’s request… she saw something like this at a friend’s house and asked me to make it. It is a hook onto the tank spare toilet paper holder so you always have a backup ready. Especially good for…

  • Pen Tower Silent Spinning Fidget

    Pen Tower Silent Spinning Fidget

    I was working on a new version of the Tweezer Tower for my wife and as I created a new spinning base I could not resist the temptation to divert to something fun for me… the spinning Pen Holder (Tower) Fidget. It is nice to play with while concentrating at my desk. And, it keeps…

  • StashHanger


    This is a fun idea I had and I think it has practical application. Use the space under clothes hangers (inside hung garments) for storage or safekeeping of valuables. I am thinking of a passport, credit cards, cash, keys, etcetera. Check it out…

  • Folding Scalpel 2.0

    Folding Scalpel 2.0

    At least for me, it is very common to design something that I think is pretty good only to redesign it later and then wish I hadn’t posted the earlier design. This is one of those. This folding scalpel pocket knife is very good IMHO. I made numerous design improvements that all resulted in simply…

  • Desktop Scalpel Station with Auto Blade Extract & Capture

    Desktop Scalpel Station with Auto Blade Extract & Capture

    I have to admit this is one of those unnecessarily complex designs that border on a “contraption”. But my intentions were good… I wanted to make a fun desktop scalpel station as a kind of desktop widget. And, I wanted it to achieve the following:

  • Tool Blocks

    Tool Blocks

    I always seem to have more tools than places to put them and those pesky hand tools that do not store well in a drawer are the most problematic. So I decided I needed to come up with a tool storage system aimed mostly at those hand tools like pliers, diagonal cutters, strippers, crimpers, etcetera.…

  • Print-in-Place Folding Scalpel

    Print-in-Place Folding Scalpel

    I know, there are lots of scalpel designs out there and plenty of folding scalpels too. But I could not find many (if any) folding, print in place and no hardware required quite like this…

  • Drink Charms

    Drink Charms

    Everyone (or at least most people) knows about wine charms but these are “drink charms” for all beverages… Many years ago I designed a series of wine charms that worked out really well but recently I recognized the need for charms for water glasses, cocktails, beer bottles and more. And, here is my solution… interchangeable…

  • BevvySteady Wine Holster

    BevvySteady Wine Holster

    I am pretty sure this is a first… a fully gimballed wine glass holster. It is not quite as good as my BevvySteady3 for beers because the wine in a wine glass is inherently less stable but it works!! And, if you or someone you know loves to enjoy a glass of wine while barbecuing…

  • Skeleton Style Utility Knife

    Skeleton Style Utility Knife

    I like knives, a lot and as a result, I have accumulated a lot of them. As part of that, I have also accumulated a lot of utility blades and I seem to never have the knife handles around for the blades. The few commercially made handles I have tend to frustrate me because they…

  • StashCan V2.0

    StashCan V2.0

    What seemed impossibly ambitious to me when I started this project has become a reality. A programmable combination lock, hidden in the bottom of a faux soda can, with a sequential puzzle lid that can only be opened when first the correct code is entered into the combination lock. I give you… my “StashCan 2.0”.

  • S-Chain


    I kind of stumbled across this little gem… an S-shaped chain link printed very small makes a fantastic chain for anything ornamental or even 3D-printed jewelry. Check this out…

  • WallPlate Replacements

    WallPlate Replacements

    I created the entire range of standard North American style wall plates as part of my WallPlateMate accessory system so I thought I might as well post the generic plates in case someone wants to print a replacement or wants to change the colour of their wall plates.  These are all for North American style…

  • Stick-on FlexPlate

    Stick-on FlexPlate

    This is an extension of my wallplatemate system. See wallplatemate.com for more product information. I have created a stick-on version of the WallMatePlate FlexPlate (p/n FP1) which is an alternative to the original screw-on version (p/n FP0). This new stick-on version is designed to use 19mm (0.75″) wide double-sided adhesive to attach the FlexPlate to…

  • WallPlateMate™


    See wallplatemate.com for more product information. So this is a big one for me… It has evolved out of a few simple ideas and has become a lot of different parts that all work together to make my life better. And, I hope it will for you too. I originally started out trying to create…

  • RagTag2


    The RagTag is a small hook on your waste attachment to allows you to keep a rag or towel with you. Originally intended for cooks and barbecuers, it might have countless other applications as well. I have been selling the RagTag on Amazon for some time now and slowly finding an audience for it. But…

  • Make-Up Sponge Holder Set

    Make-Up Sponge Holder Set

    My wife uses these small sponges for washing off her make-up (I think), and needed a way to hold them (both wet and dry). They come compressed in packs of 50 pieces or so and those dry ones need to be kept away from the wet one that is in use. And, when not in…

  • Make-A-Bowl


    I love my dogs and nothing could be better than making a product that is good for them and makes taking care of them easier. Make-A-Bowl™ is a super compact and durable, foldable bowl frame which uses a poop bag to create a bowl. It is super convenient to keep with you on a walk,…

  • Kallax Drawer Trays

    Kallax Drawer Trays

    This is a sliding tray that rides on the Ikea Kallax drawer walls and is also convertible into an organizer sitting inside the Kallax drawer. But the main point of it is that this 275mm tray is printable on a 200mm bed.

  • Coffee Mug Lazy Susan

    Coffee Mug Lazy Susan

    You know… so if the handle on your coffee mug is on the wrong side you can just spin it around to grab a hold of it. Ok, maybe you will not need it for that but it is still kind of fun. A mini turntable mechanism for displaying things or just as a fidget…

  • 380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    380mm Lazy Susan Printed on a 220mm Bed!!

    One of my key design strategies is breaking everything down into small design challenges and in doing so even the biggest project becomes tackleable. When I first created my Lazy Susan mechanisms I wanted one bigger than my print bed allowed but that seemed too challenging so I ended up settling for 330mm diameter on…

  • Count the Turns

    Count the Turns

    …of filament on the spool to know how much filament remains. I guess a lot of people hate wasting the last little bit of filament on a spool as I do. But it is not super convenient to remove the spool from the machine to measure it just to determine you have 50g remaining. So…

  • Modular (Box) Chain System

    Modular (Box) Chain System

    A modular chain system with medium strength seemed like a good idea when I started it. But I am not sure what to do with it. So for now it is in the fun and curious category of things to print. I hope to one day find a purpose for it. I have designed a…

  • LPE25 Variable Flow Valve

    LPE25 Variable Flow Valve

    When I created the modular LPE25 Quick Connect Exhaust System I always thought I would make a blast gate for it at some point but was lacking inspiration. Then someone asked me for a variable flow valve and I thought… that would be so much better for this application. So here it is…

  • Dragon Hair-Sticks

    Dragon Hair-Sticks

    My wife challenged me to come up with some hair-sticks for her. This is what I thought was appropriate… just saying…

  • Multi-Axis Calipers

    Multi-Axis Calipers

    I needed to measure the widths of an object that is greater in radius than the length of my caliper arms. So that was the first problem. But also the object I wanted to measure is irregular (like a wine glass) and therefore I wanted to know the width of the object over a range…

  • Lazy Susan 2.0

    Lazy Susan 2.0

    Okay, this is better, I have to admit. When I created the first Lazy Susan mechanisms (previously posted here) I was pretty pleased with myself. And, to be clear they are designed for low speed and work very well. But I have received a few comments about using conical bearings and I could not resist…

  • Secret “Stash-Can” Safe

    Secret “Stash-Can” Safe

    I remember as a child I always loved secret hiding places for things. I am not sure if that is normal or not and what it says about me but… I still love secret hiding spaces. And, to that end, I have designed a soda can (think cola or beer can) that is a secret…

  • Large Mouth Flask

    Large Mouth Flask

    I wanted to create a water bottle that a) holds a decent volume of water (0.5l) and b) fits into a specific location that is convenient for me when walking my dogs (needed to be flat’ish). And, this is what I came up with – essentially a large flask. But what I learned is even…

  • LPE25 Quick Connect Exhaust

    LPE25 Quick Connect Exhaust

    This is a quick-connect/disconnect system for a 2.5-inch vacuum/exhaust hose that includes a mounting facility so you can keep it organized. I developed this to vent out my printers and it has worked out so well that I thought I better share it…

  • BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    BevvySteady3 Drink Holster

    This one makes me happy… not just because I can keep a beer handy but because I have been trying to perfect this concept for a long time. My original design (here) was ok for me at the time but not ok for me now. This design is infinitely superior and complex. Three axes of…

  • Re-useable Print Spool

    Re-useable Print Spool

    I am thrilled that many of the filaments I like to use are now on recyclable cardboard spools but unfortunately, not all are. So I wanted a re-useable spool that was easy to use and had some features that were important to me. This is what I came up with.

  • Kanger™


    I mean… who does not need more desk space? Ok, I know, tidy people. I hope to be one when I grow up. But for now, the Kanger™ has become one of my best friends.

  • Phone Multi Widget

    Phone Multi Widget

    This is (another) one of those projects that has been more than a year in the works. It started as something quite different but in essence, it was intended to be a pocket-size tool to hold a phone for watching videos in a multitude of situations. And, now I am finally happy enough with it…

  • Pocket Pill Popper

    Pocket Pill Popper

    I recently developed tendonitis in my forearm and to cope with it I needed to take ibuprofen regularly. I needed to keep a few pills with me throughout the day and I wanted to keep them in my pocket but not loose. My solution is this snap-together pill box. Small, compact, and works super well.

  • First Layer Squish Tool

    First Layer Squish Tool

    I always prefer things to be more definitive than subjective. To that end, setting the Z-offset and getting the first layer squish just right has always seemed a little frustrating. That is until I designed this First Layer Squish Tool. Print it and you can see what is the smallest slot you can achieve with…

  • T8 Fixture Mount

    T8 Fixture Mount

    I had a T8 LED “shop lamp” fixture lying around and at the same time I can never get enough light, so I thought I should whip up a mount for the fixture. This one works excellently. This is for the T8 fixtures that are often referred to as shop lamps. Those ones are mounted…

  • Folding Garden Canopy

    Folding Garden Canopy

    Living where we do, I have difficulty keeping some of my herbs (plants) alive through the winters. But I have found protecting them from the winter elements using a cover is extremely effective in getting them into the spring in good shape. So I created a folding canopy structure using 1/2 PVC pipe and a…

  • Giant Spider

    Giant Spider

    We are doing a kind of “spider” based Halloween theme decoration this year and so I was looking for large spiders to print to put on the front lawn. I found a few decent ones but none that were huge or had articulated legs. Maybe they are out there but I didn’t find them. So……

  • Lazy Susan

    Lazy Susan

    2023-02-25 Update: I have created version 2.0 of these which use conical bearings and consequently runs much smoother and more freely. Although they are in different sizes I recommend these newer versions as opposed to the older ones described here. The new versions are linked here. Lazy Susan Mechanism 2.0 (Conical Bearings) Original Posting: I…

  • Freezer Crates

    Freezer Crates

    I know it may not be a concern for everyone but if you need to organize a freezer it can be difficult to find containers that are suitable. Firstly, they need to be the right size. And secondly, they need to let air flow in and around them. I hunted high and low and then…

  • Reboot!!

    I placed this post in here as a time marker… A few months ago my service provider had a hardware failure and well… my backups were not so much.

  • 20xxx Series Cases

    20xxx Series Cases

    Similar to my 1060 series cases, these cases are modular and many of the parts are interchangeable. All components are printed (no screws, pins or other hardware needed). The parts snap together and make a fairly durable case of random things.

  • Step Fountain for Bob

    Step Fountain for Bob

    I saw something like this in a dog video some time ago and thought what a great project to try to remake for 3D printing. It was a little ambitious for me but in the end, it works super well. One of my dogs (Bob) just loves it. Albeit I can’t turn my back on…

  • 1060 Series Cases

    1060 Series Cases

    I wanted to design a small case to store clean disposable face masks and ended up making a series of cases. The smallest one is fun for your pocket or on a key chain. The middle size is suitable for holding credit card-sized items. The cases print really well and snap together easily. All the…

  • Universal Phone Holder / Body Camera Mount

    Universal Phone Holder / Body Camera Mount

    This phone holder has a sliding/locking top that can adjust to many phone sizes. I started this as a holder to allow me to use an old iPhone as a body camera. In other words to hold the phone horizontally, forward-facing and clip-on. In the end, it is not excellent for that purpose but it…

  • Hex Bit Tray

    Hex Bit Tray

    Stores up to 240 hex bits. Load it up!